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Chloe Kogan


I've posted a vital record in what I believe is Russian Cyrillic for which I need a translation. It's an immigration-related document for my grandfather, who emigrated from Kakhovka in the Russian Empire to Montreal, Canada, and it's broken up into 3 pages. It is on ViewMate at the following 3 addresses:

1) This first page of the document is a typed index card with some scrawled handwriting, largely made up of a signature and an address. If it's possible to make out the smaller handwriting in addition to the typed information for translation, that would be wonderful.

2) For this second page, the typed questions already appear in Cyrillic and English, so it's just the handwritten answers I would love to be translated.

3) And the same for this third page: just the handwritten answers, please.

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image pages. If it would be helpful for you to view the original documents so you can zoom in and out freely, or to get more context, they are available online at this address:

Thank you so much for your help!

Chloë Kogan
Arizona, USA
Email: KoganAncestry@...

  • KOGAN / HACOHEN (Tarutino, Romania & Kakhovka, Ukraine):
    • Searching for my paternal grandfather's parents, Bentzion KOGAN / HACOHEN (born in Tarutino, Romania) & Frieda nee BERCOVICI (born in Akkerman, Ukraine), and their other children (born in Tarutino, Romania & Kakhovka, Ukraine).
  • FISHER / FISERAS (Anyksciai & Utena, Lithuania):
    • Searching for my paternal grandmother's brother, Jankelis / Jankel / Jacak / Yaakov FISHER / FISERAS (born ~1899 in Utena) & wife Sonia nee PICKER / PIKERAITE (born ~1898 in Anyksciai), and their children.



In Russian:
Прошу консульство выдать мне удостоверение личности для временного пребывания в (не ясно).
1. Два заполненых и подписаных мною листа,
2. Три подписанных мною фотографии,
3. Документ удостоверяющий мою личность (зачеркнуто) Заграничный паспорт
/подпись/  Иосиф Коган
Город Монреаль
18 июня 1918 года
Адрес в Канаде: 174 street Josef (не ясно)

Translated into English:

#1810 Zayavleniye Proshu konsul'stvo vydat' mne udostovereniye lichnosti dlya vremennogo prebyvaniya v (ne yasno). Prilagayu: 1. Dva zapolnenykh i podpisanykh mnoyu lista, 2. Tri podpisannykh mnoyu fotografii, 3. Dokument udostoveryayushchiy moyu lichnost' (zacherknuto) Zagranichnyy pasport /podpis'/ Iosif Kogan Gorod Monreal' 18 iyunya 1918 goda Adres v Kanade: 174 street Josef (ne yasno)
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#1810 Statement I ask the consulate to issue me an identity card for temporary stay in (not clear). I enclose: 1. Two sheets filled out and signed by me, 2. Three photographs signed by me, 3. Document proving my identity (crossed out) Foreign passport /signature/ Iosif Kogan City of Montreal June 18, 1918 Address in Canada: 174 street Josef (not clear)
Translated by Michael Ryabinky
Boynton Beach, FL



In Russian:

7. Губернский паспорт, 13 Мая 1914 года, #790
8. Черз город Либава, 31 Мая 1914 года
9. Приехал прямо в Канаду
10. нет
11. Управляющий.
12. нет
13. нет
Подпись Иосиф Коган

Translated into English:

7. Provincial passport, May 13, 1914, #790
8. Cherz the city of Libava, May 31, 1914
9. Came straight to Canada
10. no
11. Manager.
12. no
13. no
Signature Iosif Kogan

Translated by Michael Ryabinky
Boynton Beach, FL



In Russian:
1. Иосиф Бенцианович Коган, Иудейского Вероисповедания
2. Местечко Каховка, Таврической Губернии, Алешковского Уезда
3. Холост
4. Родители живут в местечке Каховка, Таврической Губернии
5. Призывной
6. Нет

Translated into English:
1. Iosif Bentsianovich Kogan, Jewish Religion
2. The town of Kakhovka, Tauride Province, Aleshkovsky Uyezd
3. Single
4. Parents live in the town of Kakhovka, Tauride Province
5. Conscription
6. No

Translated by Michael Ryabinky
Boynton Beach, FL


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Amendment: Cherz the city of Lyubava should be read - Through the city of Lyubava
Michael Ryabinky
Boynton Beach, FL