Stolepersteine in Magdeburg, Germany #germany #holocaust

Myra Fournier

Pre WWII, my father's family (both maternal - SCHLEIN - and paternal - KLAPPHOLZ) was prominent in Magdeburg, Germany. During the Holocaust, the synagogue in Magdeburg was destroyed and many of my family members died in Auschwitz. I have become an active supporter of the rebuilding of the synagogue (kontakt@...) and the laying of Stolpersteine (stumbling stones) to commemorate Magdeburg Holocaust victims.
A new ceremony for the laying of Stolpersteine will take place on September 26th. Organizers are looking for family members of those to be commemorated so that they can invite them to the ceremony and also learn more about their family members who perished.
You may contact me for the list of names to be commemorated, or, if you prefer, reach out to the organizer in Magdeburg, Frau Waltraut Zachhuber at g@....

Myra Fournier
Bedford, MA