agencies Aiding WW2 Survivors #records


Below are extracts from the manifests of several ships arriving in New York in the immediate post WW2 years with displaced persons and other survivors of the war in Europe.  Many passengers were assisted at some point by social service agencies identified in the manifest only by their initials.  Sherri Bobish, in her recent contributions to this mailing list, correctly identified "OSE", and added : "Rescue groups include, but not limited to, OSE"
Many of these agencies are still in existence and can be found  by searching the net.

David Rosen
Boston, MA

  Christian World Service
  Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society
    Lutheran World Federation
    National Council of Jewish Women
  National Catholic Welfare Conference
  Œuvre de secours aux enfants  (Childrens Aid Society)
  Travelers Aid Society
    United Service for New Americans
  United Ukrainian American Relief Committee

Relly coleman

DOes anyone know if OSE  "Œuvre de secours aux enfants"  (Childrens Aid Society) is still in existence?  

I found a document in the archives of  'Beit Lohamei HaGetaot' in Israel, showing that OSE provided aid for my 2 year old brother in Wloclawek in 1946. There may be other information at OSE about the family and I wonder who has actual possession of the OSE/Poland documents from that period. 

And a related question, what other charities operated in Poland after the war who may have given aid to returning survivors, and is their archive searchable? 

Many thanks,
Relly Coleman

FELD (Dobrzyn nad Wisla)
WARSZAWSKI (Dobrzyn nad Wisla)
FUDALOWICZ (Szrensk, Zychlin, Kutno)
WASSERSTEIN (Wloclawek, Warsaw, Mszczonów)

Sherri Bobish