Immigration from Palestine in the 19th C #israel


I learned that my great uncle emigrated from Jerusalem in 1878 based on a US passport application he filled out many years later.  I have tried to find databases from the Ottoman era and Israel.  The application said he came on a ship from Jaffa but did not name the ship.  I assume there was an intermediate stop. I was looking at the Hamburg passenger lists and similar databases having difficulty verifying.  Is anyone familiar with emigration from 19th C Jerusalem to Europe and the US or can point me in a direction?
Thank you.
Stuart Lichtman

Sherri Bobish


Using the search tools at I see that ships did arriving at the port of NY from Jaffa.

Of course, he could have arrived at another U.S. port.

If you believe that he came in through the port of NY than try searching his name at:
Keep in mind that the name may be mispelled, as those old manifest are very hard to read and names often get transcribed differently than you would expect.

You can also search his name at 
They have many manifest databases for various ports in The U.S.