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Hello. My name is Katerina Kamenetsky.
I'm looking for information about my grandfather Kamenetsky Mark Pavlovich. He was born in 1913 in the village Tsaul (formerly called village Gorodichul) of the Tarnovo region of Moldova. Over the years, this village belonged to the Khotinsky, Yassky, Balti and Soroca counties.
His parents are Pavel Markovich Kamenetsky and Lyubov Gershonovna. Unfortunately, I only know these names as they appear on my grandfather's birth certificate.
My grandfather had three brothers, I don't know their names yet. My father worked at a sugar factory (sugar beet processing) as an agronomist (beet grower).

Mark Kamenetsky (my grandfather) graduated from the gymnasium in town Soroca in 1931. In 1940-41. worked as an elementary school teacher in the village of Denzhany, Oknitsa district. Their relatives, the Weisman family and the Perelman family, lived in the village of Zguritsa. We assume that the surname Perelman is the maiden name of Lyubov Gershonovna.
During the Holocaust, my grandfather's parents and brothers died in the Transnistrian ghetto or on the way there.
Since the Weissman and Perelman families were in the Bershad ghetto, I assume that the Kamenetsky family was also there. Mark Kamenetsky wasn't a ghetto prisoner. He was mobilized into the labor army, and in 1942 he was evacuated to the Sverdlovsk region. According to the stories of his relatives, he was an invalid from childhood, he limped.
After the war, he, his wife and children, returned to live in Moldova, maintained relations with the survived relatives Vaisman and Perelman. I also keep in touch with some of them now.
I would be grateful for any help and tips in finding information about our Kamenetskys. I also expect answers from the Red Cross organization and the Chisinau archive.

I am sending this photos of my grandfather Mark Kamenetsky and the Weissman family. Sheiva Weissman (Perelman) - the sister of Lyuba Kamenetskaya (Mark's mother)
Best regards, Katerina Kamenetsky

Yefim Kogan

Shalom Katerina,

Thanks for sending this information to Discussion group.  I hope that someone in the group from the same region may find information familiar.
Also for many members of our Bessarabia group, please send similar postings to the Discussion group with #bessarabia.

Here are few additional comments:
1. About Names.  Mark Pavlovich was not names given at birth.  Mark is usually Mordko (Mordekhai), Pavel  is most likely Peisakh of Fayvel.

2. If you do searches at for WEISMAN in town of Zguritsa  you find many hits, and would need to check all of them:

There are even WEISMANs who were buried in Zguritsa Jewish Cemetery.  

Good luck, and please informed our group when you get some information.

Yefim Kogan
Bessarabia SIG Leader and Coordinator

Lynn Caporale

In the 1950s, we spent happy summers with our grandparents at a bungalow colony in the Catskills (Kiamesha Lake, just down the road from the Concord Hotel) which was run by a wonderful woman, perhaps in her 70s? 80s?, we knew as “Mrs. Kaminetsky”.

There was a large shared kitchen in the main building, where Mrs. Kaminetsky prepared challah; an ice cold grey cement pool under what must have been a natural stream a short walk back through what I recall as “woods”, where we went blueberry picking for baking.

(As far as I remember being told eventually the nearby Raleigh Hotel bought the property and demolished the buildings)

Does anyone have more information about “Kaminetsky’s” or Mrs. Kaminetsky?

Lynn Caporale