Name of (Tomaszow & Pabianice): What Name do you see? EDWAB, EDWAD, or another last name?? #records

Marilyn Robinson

In the 1896 Tomaszow/Pabianice marriage record (in Russian), the bride was Sura Chana TAFLOWICZ. 
JRI-Poland read the groom's name as: Izaak EDWAB, but Genealogical Translations viewed the surname as: EDWAD. 
What do you think is the correct translation of the groom's surname?? EDWAB, EDWAD, or something else??
Image found on JRI-Poland:
Sura Chana TAFLOWICZ & Izaak EDWAB, Film 1733563, Akt 4, 1876 Marriage.

Thank you,
Marilyn Robinson
TAFLOWICZ, RAJCHMAN/REICHMAN (Tomaszow Maz. & Lodz); YUDIN/IUDIN/JUDEN, SHAPIRO (Sharkovshchyna Belarus)

Amit Gnatek

Hey Marilyn,
I'm the Pabianice Town Leader in JRI-Poland.
The name is JEDWAB, which is a common surname in Pabianice (around 150 entries).
His birth record is from 1849, son of Abram and Chaja (you can find it in Pabianice).
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Amit Gnatek


The link did not work for me.

From your note, this name reminds me of the name of my cousins JEDWAB.

All the best,
Stephen Falk
Point Roberts, WA, USA