How to Aceess LDS results from JewishGen in FamilySearch #hungary #records #general

Wendy Kalman

For JewishGen search results, I understand that the reference in the right hand column (e.g., LDS 642919 item 4 which was listedi in Hungarian births) signifies the source, and am guessing that LDS is Latter Day Saints, that is, the Family History Centers. If I go to FamilySearch's website, though, how do I actually find the image? I'd be grateful if someone can walk me through the steps. Apologies if I should've been able to figure it out. 

Thank you so much.
Wendy Kalman
Acworth, GA

Mogilev Podolsky: BERG and TEPLITSKY
Kamenetz-Podolsky: TEPLITSKY, SIMON
Pogrebische, Ladyzhyn, and Odessa: KELMANSKY
Ladyzhyn and Odessa: MALKIS, COHEN
Berdynove: BURDA
Berdichev and Odessa: KRAPEL, GERSHBERG
Tulchin: POTTEL
Panyola, Bixad: BRAUN

Michaele Burris

You are correct, LDS refers to Family History Centers.  You can see if you might be able to access the records from home.

Go to (register for free)

Click on Search / Catalog

Search for:  click on Film/Fiche/Image Group Number (DGS)

In the drop down box put in the film number, 642919


Click on  Items 3-5: Anyakönyvek, 1851-1895


Izraelita Hitközseg, Fehérgyarmat

Click on the camera icon and you can see the pages of microfilm. 

Click on that and you see the details, that it is a milcrofilm.  Scroll down and…It is viewable online!  Yaaa!

Click on the camera icon and you can see the pages of microfilm. 

In the upper left corner you will see several tools.  The icon of 9 boxes means to see lots of little scans that are too small to read.  Click on that and it will take you to see one image, which you can magnify with the + icon. 

The icon of an empty box with only the corners marked takes you to a single image, which you can enlarge or reduce with + - tools.  You can also double click on an image to enlarge it.


To capture an image you can print it, or (preferably) download it.  Save it as a jpg image to the appropriate file on your computer.


You are fortunate.  My Polish records are all Restricted, meaning that per FamilySearch’s agreement with the Polish record keepers, the films may only be viewed at a Family History center.  Those films are marked with the icon of a key above the camera icon.  Downloading them is trickier too. 


Michaele Burris

Wendy Kalman

Thank you. I was able to see with my account. Regarding restricted records, I think there are different levels. For some American ones, I was able to go to my library, which is I guess an affilaite center, and log in there and see on my own laptop. I do not know if international agreements vary or what.

If you have the URL of where the image should be, you may be able to put ina request. For the requests that I've put in and they've been able to honor (not all, due to agreements), they've been pretty quick sending the file. This is the link for the request form: 

Thank you again and good luck to you too, Michaele!

Wendy Kalman
Acworth, GA