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What is the best software for me to use with an iPad?  I am visually impaired and that’s why I use an iPad. I have a subscription to Ancestry and another to MyHeritage. There are over 600 people in the trees. I’d like the software to be able to:
 Share the trees with other people
Create or publish a report for my grandchildren
Keep all the information in one place including sources, photos and stories
Thank you so much for your advice,
Barbara Genealogy software for iPad
Barbara Gilmore Silver
Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA
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Mark Lucas

You might like to check out Family Tree 10. I've been using both the iPad and Mac versions for a while and found it OK. Its quite a comprehensive and powerful piece of software and I think it will do what you want, consequentially however there is usually quite a lot of information displayed on the iPad screen so you could find it a bit daunting and fiddly to start with. Hope this helps.

Mark Lucas


I have been using Reunion by LeisterPro as it was made especially for Macs. I love that it syncs with my phone, iPad and computer. 

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Brad Rubin

I'm a fan of Mobile Family Tree for the iPad.  It can be used by itself, or in conjunction with the companion Mac desktop software Mac Family Tree.  It is 50% off right now, and meets all the requirements on your list.

-- Brad Rubin

Patrick Atlas

Have you tried the Apps for iPad from Ancestry and MyHeritage? You are directly connected to your trees online. Useful for sharing trees, updates, searches for hints, but I don’t know about capacities of exporting and printing.
Patrick Atlas


Hi Barbara, join our Apple Users and Jewish Genealogy Facebook page.  Look for our Zoom meeting every 3rd Monday at 7:30 PM ET.

We have over 100 members.

Gil Bardige
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