Kielce List of Jewish children born 1913-1925 fully extracted #poland


As part of the JRI-Poland commitment to make available the genealogical-relevant data from all Kielce towns – town by town – resource by resource, I am pleased to announce that a team of expert volunteers has now completed full extractions of more than 2,200 Jewish listings in the 1926 census of children born between 1913-1925 who resided in the city of Kielce.


Fond 248 in the Kielce Branch of the PSA comprises folders of the City School Council in Kielce (Rada Szkolna Miejska w Kielce). Two of the folders (SIGs 41 and 42) hold 179 inventory sheets listing children born from 1913 through 1925 and living in the city of Kielce as of June 1926.  Prepared by the Ministry of Religious Denominations and Public Education, this is effectively a census of students (or future students) by school zone.


The Inventory sheets by zone include: Name and sex of child, date-of-birth, religion, languages spoken (Yiddish/Polish), Name of person responsible for child (father, mother, guardian), street address.


For additional information on this list and on all Kielce area record extraction projects, please contact me directly through the JRI-Poland Town Explorer page for Kielce.


Judy Golan

JRI-Poland Town Leader and Area Coordinator