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Dan Rottenberg

I recently discovered the 18th-Century Galician rabbi Yosef Margolioth, son of R. Alexander Sender Margolioth (1730?-1802), who was rabbi of Zbaraz and Satanov. I speculate that this Rabbi Yosef may be identical to my great-great-great-great-great-grandfather Joseph Margulies, who died in Zbaraz in 1828 at the age of 70.


Several sources have suggested that all Jews from eastern Galicia with some variation of the name Margulies/Margolioth are descended from the famous rabbinic family to which Alexander Sender Margolioth belonged. In the 1770s Alexander Sender Margolioth succeeded his father-in-law as rabbi of Zbaraz, the eastern Galicia town where five generations of my Margulies relatives lived during the 19th Century. Two nephews of my great-grandfather Louis Margulies (1864-1923) told me many years ago that some ancestor, possibly their great-grandfather, had been a rabbi.  


Thus I’ve spent many years searching for the connection between my Margulies ancestors and the Margolioth dynasty, which can be traced back to the Katzenellenbogens and Rashi. Yosef Margolioth strikes me as the possible missing link, but I need to know more about him to confirm this connection.    


R. Yosef is not mentioned among the children of Alexander Sender in Neil Rosenstein’s The Unbroken Chain. But Yosef is mentioned in a Margolioth tree by Yehudah Klausner. A entry by Randy Schoenberg (updated 21 July 2019) calls him R. Joseph Margolioth, ABD Zmigrod, birth estimated between 1743 and 1793. According to Meir Wunder's Elef Margalit, R' Yosef Yoska, son of R' Sender of Zbaraz, was av beis din Zbarazh, and signed beis din documents in Czortkov (96 kilometers due south of Zbaraz) between 5566-5572 (1806-1812). In Wunder’s Morei Galicia, in the entry on R. Alexander Sender, Wunder mentions that Alexander’s son R. Yosef was rov of Zmygrod (succeeding his brother, Yehudah Aryeh Leibish), but makes no reference to Zbaraz. Wunder says R. Yosef was son-in-law of R' Yehoshua (no surname), who was Rosh Hakahal in Drogobycz (a town southeast of Lviv and about 200 km east of Zbaraz). R. Wunder does not give any other information on R. Yosef Yoska, either in Elef Margalit or in Meorei Galicia.


Does anyone know anything more about this R. Yosef Margolioth? In particular, who were his children? What was his wife’s name? Dates of his birth and death? The answers might help me determine whether he is my ancestor.

Dan Rottenberg
Philadelphia PA


Dan Rottenberg

On Tue, Jun 21, 2022 at 05:32 PM, Dan Rottenberg wrote:
Correction to my message above: Drogobycz is 200 km west of Zbaraz, not east.
Dan Rottenberg
Philadelphia PA

Richard Gross

23 June 2022
Dear Dan
Not sure if this is of any interest to you but here goes. My husband, Richard (aka Rachi) Gross's mother was Rachel Casper. Her mother was Channa (various spellings of this) Margoliot/Margolis/Margolius. Channa's parents were Batya Cohn and Tanchum Abraham Margolius. We have a copy of a photo of Tanchum which he sent to Channa from Ponnevis/Ponevys with a message in Hebrew to her on her birthday. We've calculated that this was her 25th birthday. She was in South Africa then. Her husband was Joseph Casper. The original of this photo is with Rachi's cousin in Buffalo, NY. She had it translated in Israel. 
I'd love to know whether our Tanchum is connected in any way to your Margolis line.
Best regards, Beulah Gross (Australia)


The best source for the Marioloit/Margolis Rabinnic family is Meir Wunder's  "Elef Margaliot" 

אלף מרגליות : ספר עזר לחקר יוחסין : תולדות חייהם ושלשלת יחוסם של יותר מאלף אבות משפחתנו ... מימי קדם עד אבינו ... מוהר"ר ישראל אריה מרגליות ... / נערכו ונסדרו ... על ידי הרב מאיר וונדר.
Additional Titles ספר עזר לחקר יוחסין
מילואים ותיקונים לספר אלף מרגליות
Related place Jerusalem (Israel)-place of publication
Co-Author מרגליות, אפרים זלמן בן מנחם מניש, 1760-1828.
Publisher ירושלים : המכון להנצחת יהדות גליציה
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Extent 2 כרכים ([א-ב]) : איורים, פורטרטים, פקסימילים
28 ס"מ.

Harold Rhode
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Dan Rottenberg

Thanks for the citation. I'm well aware of Meir Wunder's Elef Margaliot. But does it contain any reference to Yosef Margaliot b'Alexander Sender that I haven't mentioned above?
Dan Rottenberg
Philadelphia PA