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Ivan Andreevich Krilov
Was born February, 2, 1768
Died November, 9, 1844
Translated by Michael Ryabinky
Boynton Beach, FL



In Russian:
Педагогический совет Брестских еврейских школ русской грамотности постановил ученика школы грамотности #2 Бульбина Авраама  книгой  за прилежание, хорошие успехи и благонравие.
Город Брест-Литовск
12 июня 1883 года
Заведующий школами Подпись Подпись Подпись Подпись 

Translated into English:

The Pedagogical Council of the Brest Jewish Schools of Russian Literacy awarded Bulbin Abraham, a student of Literacy School #2, a book for diligence, good progress and good manners.
City of Brest-Litovsk
June 12, 1883
Head of schools Signature Signature Signature Signature

Michael Ryabinky



Please could someone translate the following which I've posted:

an inscription that is from a Russian book given to my great grandfather as a prize. 
It's on Viewmate at the following address:

a document that I think is from the Russian army relating to my great grandfather.
It's on Viewmate at the following address:

the word written in pencil on a page from a Russian book which I have posted.
It is on Viewmate at the following address:

Many thanks
Shoshanah Glickman