Deciphering First Names In a Manifest #names

Harry Moatz

Hello, I wonder if anyone can help decipher the first names of Rosa Teitelbaum's parents in this manifest.  The names appear on three pages, and I have included the entirety of each page to assist in deciphering the handwriting.  Rosa is on line 6 of the first two pages, and line 10 of the list of detained passengers.   If you want an enlarged version of the area of interest, please contact me privately.
Harry Moatz
Potomac, MD, USA

BRODESKY - Berdichev
GOLDMAN / PASNIKOW - Hadiach or Gadyach
KESSLER - Pruzhany
KLAUBER - Sambir or Sambor
SCHWARTZ / SCHWARZ / SZWARZ - Monasterzyska and Stanislawow
TEITELBAUM - Yazloweic or Yazlovets
WARECK and MEYER / MEER - Dembitz or Debica

Odeda Zlotnick

On the manifest:
Mother: Maria
Father:  Yonas  [compare the first letter to the mother's place of residence]

In the detention list: Janos
Odeda Zlotnick
Jerusalem, Israel.