Help With Hebrew Gravestone Translation Please #translation

Harry Moatz

I would appreciate help translating the Hebrew content of the Abraham Teitelbaum's gravestone.
Harry Moatz
Potomac, MD, USA
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BRODESKY - Berdichev
GOLDMAN / PASNIKOW - Hadiach or Gadyach
KESSLER - Pruzhany
KLAUBER - Sambir or Sambor
SCHWARTZ / SCHWARZ / SZWARZ - Monasterzyska and Stanislawow
TEITELBAUM - Yazloweic or Yazlovets
WARECK and MEYER / MEER - Dembitz or Debica

Shlomo Katz

FIRST LINE: Died 23 Elul 692
SECOND LINE: Here is buried an elderly and G-d-fearing man R' Avraham son of
THIRD LINE: Aryeh Teitelbaum from Tschortkov

Note: The phrases "Here is buried" and "G-d-fearing" are both written as acronyms.

Shlomo Katz


The two letters likely stand for godfearing as others wrote. 
Here comes too much information:
The confusion is the abbreviation (acronym) י״ד
Malka misread it as הי״ד “god should avenge his blood.” השם ינקום דמו
I initially thought the initial letter was left off for whatever reason, leaving “his blood should be avenged” יינקם דמו
Others rightly say it’s “godfearing” ירא השם, changing the letter ה to ד as is often done. The phrase Is commonly spelled out at that point in inscriptions so that’s likely correct. 
Why the letter change?
1- the acronym י״ה spells out a name of god, a no-no
2- the letter ה has taken on quasi-holy status as a stand-in for god’s name, even though all “השם“ means is “the name”, so it’s often changed to similar-appearing ד. 

David Dubin
Teaneck, NJ