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CIV = Consular Immigrant Visa.  While I cannot show an example to prove it, I believe this box serves the same purpose as the "Visa Number" column added to the passenger lists after the Immigration Act of 1924.  The number entered is the number shown on the visa document itself, issued by the Department of State on Foreign Service (FS) Form 256 or 257 (one for quota immigrants, one for non-quota immigrants).

As usual, the number is no help in the research.  This Foreign Service document number is not the USCIS Visa File number.  The card I see is from 1943, so that visa originally went into a Visa File, though it may have later moved to an A- or C-file.  If you have a 1945 manifest, the associated visa would have originally been filed in an A-file (because the LPR admission was after 4/1/1944).

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Great question. I was thinking of the same deduction as what you did.

I would suggest that you ask this question within the following History Hub forum (free registration of course).

I've asked a few questions within a few different topics and someone was always provided something helpful there regarding the older Government/Military Forms (with links and such).

Though I'm not referring to anyone here that may know the answer as well.

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This is a 1945 manifest for a Canadian border crossing.  This immigrant
is admitted for permanent residency.  On the fourth line down, left side
is the title  "C.I.V. No."  and the entry 162  I believe I.V. may be an
abbreviation for Immigrant Visa.  Can anyone suggest a meaning for the
initials C.I.V. ?   I have looked up Mexican border crossings and the
same card is used, with the same title "C.I.V No."  in this same block.

David Rosen
Boston, MA