Yiddish Name "Chalia" #names


Gella - from Jewish Personal Names by Rabbi Shmuel Gorr

Heyla - from Dictionary of Ashkenazic Given Names by Alexander Beider

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I have a "Chala" in:

Married 22 Mar 1807 London, England, Great Synagogue, Isaac Schalraig, fathers name Hirsh SGL, married 22 Mar 1807 to Catherine Solomon, Hebrew name Chalah, fathers name Shlomeh (synagoguescribes website). In Lewin's "Great Synagogue Marriage Registers" Isaacs name is correctly transcribed as Schabracq, and Catherine Solomons' Hebrew name as Hilla b Shlomo.

Unproven, but possible, that the bride was a Dutch/German Saartje Salomons, Saartje a diminutive of Sara.

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Jack Berger

There was a member of my paternal family whose name was Chaya Leah, but pronounced Cha’leah. I think the fusion of two names was not  uncommon to make pronunciation easier.

Jack Berger
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Jill Whitehead

I have a female ancestor Thalia or Talia (rather than Chalia) who was born in the 18th century in Vishtinetz (Yiddish) now Vistytis in Lithuania.  

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YY Bond

Has anyone ever come across the name "Chalia" for a woman?
The name was most likely a Yiddish name for a Jewish woman who was born in the Ukraine approximately 1850. Her maiden surname was Levine. 
I haven't found the name in Harkavy's 1925 list (or any of the other wonderful name resources on https://bloodandfrogs.com/names:)
The name was dictated to a clerk in NY on a death certificate as someone's mother's name.  It is possible the clerk misheard and mistranslated. 
There are some websites which say it is a Hebrew name but I am not sure if the aforementioned woman would have gone by a Hebrew name and it seems to be uncommon. I have never heard it in modern usage.
I thought perhaps it is some kind of merging of the name "Chaya Leah" ?
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Yechezkel Bund