Searching for the Raab Family- Shlomo Shilesh Menachem Son of Yehuda #israel #hungary


Shlomo is Hebrew for Solomon, and Zalman is a Yiddish form of Solomon.

This leads me to suggest two possibilities (there may be others):

1)  This is the same person

2)  Shlomo and Zalman were relatives (possibly first cousins), both named after the same ancestor
Fredel Fruhman
Brooklyn, New York, USA

Sharon Ann Dror

I am trying to find some info to verify if Shlomo Shilesh Menachem Raab had a brother named Zalman. Someone put Zalman Raab in their tree in - no one was able to verify or did not respond to me.  I only knew of Shlomo - perhaps he had siblings. We would like to learn more about this family. We have Shlomo's whole family tree with his children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren... they all do not know if Shlomo had siblings....

In this Shlomo's Geni tree, someone added a daughter that I am not familiar with - I contacted all the managers handling this tree, no responses. I hope Geni will add a new feature in the near future to add their email addresses since it looks like so many people are inactive with Geni. I want to know who this 'daughter' is. Feiga Braun. I knew of Shlomo and Esther having 6 children. Not 7.

Shlomo & Esther nee Neuman Cohen's daughter Leah nee Raab married my family member:  Benjamin Azaria Stampfer. When Leah passed away in Hungary, her sister Yetol married Benjamin - they made Aliyah together to Israel.  Leah and Benjamin had 8 children - Yetol had no children of her own.

Benjamin and Yetol are buried together at Har Hazetim, Jerusalem, Israel. This picture is Shlomo and he is the son of Yehuda Raab. 

Thank you
Sharon Ann Dror