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Lee Jaffe

Can anyone recommend good sources for posing questions about DNA research?  I don't see a many DNA questions come through this group, so I wondered whether there was another, better, venue to address these issues.  I'm not a Facebook user so the resources there are not available to me.   

I found that JewishGen has a DNA Testing mailing list, to which I've subscribed.  But the link to the group's info page – where I'd hope to find instructions, perhaps the mailing address or the archives – looks to be an ad for FamilyTreeDNA.  If someone is familiar with that mailing list and can point me to a better source, that would be a helpful source.

Other suggestions about places i can post questions and hear back from interested and informed members would be appreciated.  


Lee David Jaffe
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Post your questions on this site, there are many people here who have plenty of experience with DNA.
Stephen Schmideg
Melbourne, Australia

Bob Smiley

You may also want to join the Facebook group "Jewish DNA for Genetic Genealogy" at https://www.facebook.com/groups/DNAHelpJewishJourney
Bob Smiley
Kirkland, Washington USA

Michele Lock

I have to second the suggestion of the above Facebook group. The discussion board there is good for answering questions about the pros and cons of testing at the different DNA companies. It's also good for getting advice on how to interpret the testing results from different companies, and how to use DNA matches to find unknown relatives. 

If you are concerned about Facebook and privacy issues - I have a very lean profile on Facebook, with a fake birthday and only the town that I currently live in listed, nothing else. I'm only on the site for the Jewish genealogy groups there. 

Below is an article that the group moderator Jennifer Mendelsohn wrote about Ashkenazi Jews and DNA testing, and the issue of endogamy:
Michele Lock

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Theo Rafael

Facebook is THE place for DNA discussions. There are quite a few groups on the subject and some very knowledgeable people. I haven't found any other forum which such breadth and depth. Even browsing existing discussions can be very helpful, and one can also pose new questions and get people's input.
As someone already mentioned, it's up to you to divulge (or not) any info about yourself on FB and you could use such an account strictly for genealogy research for instance and ignore other aspects of FB if you're so inclined. To really be in control though you need to learn the intricacies of privacy, notifications etc, it's quite a lot of detail if you start from scratch.
Good luck!

Theo Rafael