Radymno 1849 cadastral map now on Gesher Galicia's Map Room #galicia #poland

Jay Osborn

We've just posted a new map on the Gesher Galicia Map Room: a full-color 1849 cadastral map of the Galician town of Radymno:


Radymno today is a small town in southeastern Poland, halfway between Jarosław and the border with Ukraine, but the historical map shows that already by 1849 it had a mature town square and built features reflecting growing economic status. Redline revisions made on this copy of the map at an unknown later date (before WWI) indicate changes to building and land parcels including splits, merges, and the straightening and widening of roads. A major change hinted at in the redlines is the taming of the river which once passed just east of the town square, reduced to a narrow channel while the great San River still passes by farther to the east. To the north of the town center at the end of a narrow road, a small Jewish cemetery is seen to be evolving and growing.

This stitched digital composite map was assembled and presented in interactive format by Gesher Galicia. The original paper map is preserved by the Polish State Archive in Przemyśl. To see many more cadastral maps of Galician cities, towns, and villages, visit the Gesher Galicia Map Room:


Jay Osborn
Gesher Galicia Digital Maps Manager
Lviv, Ukraine