Sending payment to Zhytomyr State Archives #ukraine

Lina Goldberg

Hi there,

I've need to make a small payment to the Zhytomyr State Archives in Ukrainian currency (UAH). For some reason Wise/Transferwise will not let me make the transfer through them (they seem to be only allowing payment to personal cards in Ukraine), and none of my banks offer payments in UAH. The archives say they cannot accept payment in another currency.

Does anyone have any experience making payments to the Zhytomyr State Archives? If so, how did you do it? 


Lina Goldberg

Deb Katz

The war is making a mess of all financial transactions with the Ukraine.  I have a researcher who has banks closing on him regularly (sometimes suddenly re-opening for just a few days etc.)  I suggest you follow the lead of the Archives, i.e. let them tell you what will work and won't work at any given point and pay them any way that seems the least we can do given the situation in their country right now.

Deb Katz
Pacific Beach CA USA


Hi Lina  
I just found out a couple months ago that my grandmother Mary (or Marim) Swartz was born in Zhytomyr. I have no other information about her. 
If you know of any families named Swartz  from that area, that would be helpful.

Thank you
Deborah Stone