Pre-WW1 and Earlier School Books from Husiatyn #galicia

Yaron Wolfsthal

Dear Group,
Gymnasium year books were published in Austrian empire during the 19th century. These are known to be genealogical resources of high value. They can be found in some of the the digital libraries of Poland.

Recently, I came across a high school book from Husiatyn, published for the year 1912/1913:

Sprawozdanie Dyrekcyi Polskiego Gimnazyum Prywatnego z prawem publiczności w Husiatynie za rok szkolny 1912/13

The form of the book suggests that it is one of many such books issued in Husiatyn (which was an important Jewish community before WW1).

Has anyone come across other/earlier annual school books from Husiatyn?  

Thank you - Yaron Wolfsthal, Israel