NOVOPOLTAVKA, Ukraine question from Asya Zlatina #ukraine

Asya Zlatina

Hello dear friends, 
Would you let me know how to learn more details about my search of Novopoltavka Ukraine? I found a revision list from 1858 that was updated in 2021 and I see my grandmothers surname- wondering how to get more information. I am looking specifically for any lists or documents that can show if indeed it is her family, for instance a census list with her name and her immediate family members. 
I have some leads, but no success yet so trying to get extra insight. 
Thank you for anything, 
Asya Zlatina from Philadelphia

Gary Pokrassa

you say you see your GM surname - can you read Cyrillic or did you see that in a surname list attached to the file posted on the wiki by Alex Krakovsky?
That revision list from 1858 sounds like it is exactly the document you are asking about...if you can find the actual record for that surname it will give you the entire household on the one page.

If you can't read cursive here is a slide from my IAJGS presentation - use this methodolgy

Gary Pokrassa
Data Acquisition Director
Ukraine Research Division


My great aunt's marriag ename s was Zlatin. Her husband was M.Zlatin and thier son Miron (Yoni) ZlatinThey lived in Orscha, near Vitebsk.Are they relatives of yours? Please reply to my email:  estherahr@...
Esther Rechtschafner