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Hello all:
Need help to locating a copy of a NY marriage certificate. I have the marriage certificate # and exact date for my Grandparents in the Bronx. However, when I search the online Historical Vital records at the NYC Municipal Archives online which has the available years, the record does not show up by either name or certificate number. Here is the info:

Groom David Brawer
Bride Laura Labinsky( spelled wrong on the NYC index as Lablinsky)
Date 11/19/1941
Marriage Certificate # 12859

Any thoughts?
Todd Steinberg
Las Vegas, NV


The Bronx Marriage Certificates for 1938-1949 have not been digitized and are not available online (

Elias Savada
Bethesda MD

Brian Kerr

You might be able to locate something by its the Marriage License Application number, but it will only reflect it in the NYC Online search under "Not Indexed" using the "License Number".

I've been surprised with locating License Applications when I'm unsuccessful with the Certificates.

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You can try FamilySearch look up service - - scroll to center of page to "Request Lookup" -  fill out form as much as you can
No fee

Or you can get copy of certificate at -  there is a fee  - $16 - 58.95 - usually cheaper if you have all the information and know the certificate number

Dassy Wilen