MyHeritage Adds Historical Record Collection From Vienna Free Access to Search; #records

Deborah HOLMAN

Jan, I can't thank you enough for posting this! The discovery of my great-uncle's application added a very interesting facet to the family story. I always wondered why my great-grandfather, Sigmund LICHTENTHAL had no connection with his family. My mother alluded to some type of family rift. In Abraham LICHTENTHAL's application (his name was transcribed incorrectly as FICHTHENTHAL) he states he had worked in his brother's hat factory, LITAL until 1932 and had been unemployed since then. Now, if only I could find some document that explained what happened!! Sadly Abraham chose to go to NIsko in 1939 in search of a better life (as promised by the IKG under duress by the Nazis) never to be heard from again.

Deborah Samuel Holman
Woodbury, CT