Help interpreting marriage records from all Galicia database. #galicia

Wendy Griswold

Hi, hope everyone is thinking positive and testing negative.

In the all-Galicia database, I am looking at Zurawno marriages 1901-1936.
The folks at Jewish Gen were kind enough to confirm my interpretation that
scans 6 and 7, Gicie Drucker and Shulem Ellner, same page, same record
number, confirms that they were married in Zurawno in 1901. Previous
message on this topic was number 669144.

Scans 2 and 12 show Schulem Shlomo Blitz and Gicie Hauptman, and the
dates, page, and record number are the same.
Married 1901, Zurawno.

(I checked this out with another couple I'm looking at. Scans 6, 7, and
15 show Moses Drucker marrying Feiga Ellner, and the information for
Feiga Ellner matches the information for one Feiga Kronland.) But that
was just for reference.

I think what I've got, looking at scans 2/12 and 6/7, is the same
couple, shown with both parents' surnames. This would be better than
genealogical gold. This would be genealogical diamonds. Which is why I
don't want to jump to conclusions.

Can someone please tell me if I'm right or if I'm perhaps suffering
from confirmation bias?

A thousand thanks,

Wendy Griswold

Pittsfield MA

Searching BLITZ/ PFEIFFER/FEIFER / ELLNER - Zurawno, Stryy, Bolechow,

WENZELBERG (any spelling), EINHORN, SHIFULDREM - Nowy Sacz area

DWASS (changed to DAVIS), SOROKOFF (any spelling), GARFINKEL - area of
Ekaterinoslaw (now Dniepro) and possibly Vitebsk