July 18 on Zoom: Clandestine Jewish Immigration to Pre-State Israel from the Center for Jewish History #announcements #israel #events

Moriah Amit

Family History Today: Clandestine Jewish Immigration to Pre-State Israel

Monday, July 18, at 11 am Eastern Time (U.S.) / 18:00 Israel 


Between 1920 and 1948, over 100,000 European Jews attempted to immigrate to pre-state Israel, then British-Mandate Palestine, through illegal channels to circumvent Britain’s stringent immigration quotas. This clandestine migration, known as Aliyah Bet or Ha’apala, was predominantly comprised of refugees from Nazi-occupied Europe and Holocaust survivors from Europe’s DP camps. British patrols intercepted more than half of the Aliyah Bet ships heading to Palestine and sent most of the immigrants they discovered to detention camps in Cyprus, Mauritius, and the Atlit Camp in Palestine. In this lecture, Rina Offenbach, Director of the Bintivey Ha’apala Information and Research Center at the Atlit Detention Camp, will delve into the history of this episode, with a special focus on the Atlit Camp, and show you how to use the Atlit Center’s online database to learn more about your family’s arrival in Israel.



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This program is sponsored by the Ackman & Ziff Family Genealogy Institute at the Center for Jewish History. Live closed captioning has been made possible by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. 

Moriah Amit
Senior Genealogy Librarian, Center for Jewish History
New York, NY