Margolioth rabbinic dynasty #rabbinic

Dan Rottenberg

The Galician scholar Rabbi Menahem Mendel Margolioth-Stengen of Przemsyl (1568-1652) and his wife, born Sheindel Margolioth (1575-1624), were parents of eight famous rabbis. This husband and wife were said to be cousins or relatives to each other. I'm trying to figure out how they were related.

Most sources say Menahem Mendel was the son of Yoel Feivish Stengen and Frieda Schmelkes (possibly called Frieda Reich). Menahem Mendel presumably took his wife's surname (calling himself Margoliot-Stengen instead of Stengen) out of deference to her lineage (a common practice then). But I suspect he was somehow descended from the same famous Margolioth line as his wife. Finding the connection would be an important key to a family that traces its lineage back to Rashi.

Majer Balaban's Historja Zydow w Krakowie i na Kazimierzu,1304-1868, volume II, page 665, says Menahem Mendel's mother was a Margolioth, but this is the only place I've found such an assertion, and it doesn't mention her name. 

Any insight into the relationship of this couple is much appreciated.

Dan Rottenberg
Philadelphia PA