Looking for Rapoport relatives #latvia

Angelina Chernysheva

Dear friends,  I am looking for my  grandfather's Jewish relatives.Unfortunately, I know very little about them. They lived in Latvia, presumably in Riga/ Rezekne.  Some of them were either acquaintances or even relatives of sculpturer Naum Aronson (Kreslavka)
There is a version that my great-grandmother's name was Rappoport  1909 - 1965.  She had three or four sisters.
My great-grandmother and one of her sisters spent the last days of their lives in Moscow. As for the rest of the  family, I, most unfortunately, don't know anything about them.
Supposedly, the first name of my great-greatmother was Dasha (Dasha Ilyinichna), but there is no evidence it was her real name. 
Angelina Chernysheva

Janet Furba

Dasha is Daria.
Janet Furba,


I suggest you to add the information
which is real (based on any documents from Latvia or
mentioning Latvia).

Mr. Gints Neiburgs
in Riga, Latvia