Polish-speaking volunteer to check some entries for a list of Kolomyya survivors #galicia #holocaust

John Hoenig

Hi all,


I have a list of 800 people from Kolomyya (then Poland, now Ukraine) who survived WWII. It was created in Kolomyya shortly after the war ended. I have entered the names and associated data into a database and would like to make it available on the JewishGen website. However, there were some comments in Polish in the original that I have done my best to translate (though I don’t speak Polish). The list is exciting because it usually lists a person’s name, the father’s name (and sometimes the mother’s name), and the street address. Sometimes profession, maiden name, and other information is given. Parents’ names are given in the genitive case. I provide the names in both the genitive and nominative cases for the ease of people who don’t speak Polish. But, for a few names I’m not sure what is the nominative case and could use some help with that.


If you speak Polish and would be willing to take a look at the entries where I am unsure of the translation, please contact me offline. I think the work can be done in less than an hour. The database is ready to be processed by JewishGen except for the checking of Polish translations and name conversions.


John Hoenig, Williamsburg, VA


Hi, I am willing to do this. Please email me. Magdalena Smoczynska


Hi, I am willing to do it. Please email me at magsmocz@!gmail.com.
Magdalena Smoczynska, Kraków, Poland

Julian Borger

I am very interested to see the list when its done. I have been trying to track a relative from Kolomyya/Kolomea who disappeared in the late 1920's.

Julian Borger
McLean, Virginia