A town or region called Padlow (recorded in Hebrew as פדלוי? #bessarabia

Steve Low

My great-grandfather, David Landau, emigrated to Palestine in the 1890s from Bessarabia. His first two children were born in Kiliya, Ukraine (i.e., Chilia Nouă Bessarabia), and two later children were born in Kishinev, Moldova. I believe that David died in the late 1920s because my uncle recalled his father (my grandfather) making burial arrangements at that time. 

There is a grave on the Mt. of Olives for David Landa (a spelling variant for Landau) who died in 1929, and I suspect this might be my great-grandfather.

Other than the name and date of death, the Mt. of Olives record contains only one other piece of information about David Landa: that he was from "Padlow"—their English transliteration of the record that lists the place as 

If that’s Hebrew, Google translates that word into English as “Padaloi. If that was Yiddish, Google translates that word as “Padloy.”

Can anyone guess where this place--presumably either a town or a region--is? My closest guess is Podolia? Does that make sense?

Thanks for your suggestions.

Steve Low
Lincoln, MA  USA

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Odeda Zlotnick

If you check Poldolia in the JewishGen communities database, you'll find there are two. 
The second one is in Rumania, as is Bessrabia.

Alternate names: Podu Iloaiei [Rom], Podeloy [Yid], Podu Iloaie, Podulloae, Podul-Iloaiei, Podul-Iloaei, Podu Iloaei, Podul-Leloaei

Region: Moldavia

Odeda Zlotnick
Jerusalem, Israel.