Katz family tree #general


Bonjour, j'ai des cousins KATZ dans mon arbre généalogique.

Barbara Levy

I have a MyHeritage tree with my grandparents, who are Katz's on it. I also have my grandfather's (Katz) brothers and sisters, their parents, and etc. The tree is called the Abramoff family tree. Is it me that you'd like to contact?
Barbara Abramoff Levy

Denise Fletcher

Here’s a link that explains how to do it.



How can I contact another webmaster?


To contact a site manager, simply visit their family site and choose 'Contact Site Manager' on the left-hand side of the Home page:

Denise Fletcher


Evidently you can move a Geni family tree to a My Heritage tree, but I am not sure about doing things in reverse. It might be worth contacting Geni. And anyhow, you could do a free search on Geni and see what comes up in relation to possible relatives.
Michael A Hutchinson
Gloucestershire, UK


I just discovered my paternal grandmother and paternal great grandparents on a my heritage tree but I have no idea how the members are related to my family. Is it possible to contact the “owner” of the tree?

b levin