Looking for FROST relatives from Bucharest #romania

Mike Karsen

I am looking for help finding descendants of 6 relatives of mine who
were born in Bucharest, Roumania between 1876 and 1891.

They were the children of: Debora Alter SVEITZER b: abt 1855 and
Ignatz FROST b: 1849

1. Bercu FROST b:: 1876
2. Hena FROST b: 1877
3. Estera FROST b: 1879
4. Sneta FROST b: 1881
5. Mali FROST b: 1883
6. Aneta FROST b: 1891

I have tried to find them on arrivals to the USA and other US records
with no luck. I also did not find them in Yad VaShem. I see that there
are FROSTS in the Israeli phone book but do not know how to connect
those people to possibly my Bucharest names. I have not tried the
Israeli cemeteries yet and am not an expert on them.

Any thoughts/ideas would be appreciated.

Mike Karsen
Deerfield, IL USA