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Anna Olswanger

I read an article in my local Jewish newspaper about facial recognition software that identifies victims of the Holocaust:
The article made me wonder if anyone here might know of software that can compare photographs of people and determine (or suggest) if one person in a photograph is the same in both photographs (even if the person might be a different age in each photograph).
I know such software may be wishful thinking on my part, but if anyone does know of a software that can compare photographs, could you advise me where to look online in order to read more about it.
Thanks very much.
Anna Olswanger

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Arthur Sissman

Try this site My Face Match tool ...
This tool was developed by I Michael Snyder and lives on the JGS of Greater Washington DC website - quietly waiting for you to use it!

Enter a picture in each space provided, then hit submit..............Hope this helps you and others!!

Thank you Michael Snyder and the JGSGW!!


Arthur Sissman

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Jerry Scherer

Try Compare A Face • FamilySearch
You will need to create a free account at Family Search to access it under the Activities menu. This tool correctly identified (as 95% probability) the same person 25+ years apart from a group picture.

Jerry Scherer