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Rebecca Parmet

For researchers interested in the Nova Ushytsya District in Podolia Gubernia (Ukraine),

"1850 Revision List of Jews in Ushitshy District" has been posted on the Wiki pages (Krakovsky).   
It is 3 volumes.  1st volume has a lot of damage but still lots of good info.  Volumes 2 and 3 have minor damage.  
And it has women/girls listed in this revision list!  Something I was not able to find in the N.U. district 1847 and the 1875 documents/lists.

DAHmO. F. 226. Op. 79. Case 5224:  1850 rec. Revisions of tales of the Jews of the Jews in the Ushitsky district.pdf
ДАХмО_226-79-5224_том_2. 1850 рік. Ревізькі казки міщан євреїв Ушицького повіту.pdf

Here is the link:  
Link to Nova Ushytskyi District Documents

Rebecca Parmet
Havertown, PA

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