Search list of names that will take me farther research of my ancestors in South Africa and other countries #southafrica


Dear All,


For a long time I have been trying to find out why my great-grandmother CLARA BERNARD (Nee LEVIN) in 1926 lived in Bowesdorp (Namaqualand) and what she was doing there. Before then she had lived in Robertson (S.A.). 

From other sources I learned a lot about the country. However, did not find an answer to my questions. I enclose a part of the list of family names  of  residents of Namaqualand I found  in Abe Schapera’s memoirs of 1978. I extracted the individuals’ names for the period 1920-1930.


I wonder if in the family annals of the Jewishgen members there might be found any traces of Clara BERNARD as having lived with one of the families and/or having worked for them or ???
I have restricted the list to what I think were the villages closest to where she must have resided.

Many thanks in advance,
Ron Peeters(NL)