IAJGS reminder- Latvian Archivist at LatviaSIG meeting #latvia #courland #lithuania

Arlene Beare

We are privileged to have Rita Bogdanova- expert Latvian Archivist-  speak at our IAJGS Conference meeting on 23rd August 12.30pm EST    We hope to welcome as many of you  as possible. She will speak on the new updated Names and Fates Database which has information on our Ancestors who perished in the Holocaust. We look forward to seeing you there.
Arlene Beare
Paul Cheifitz
Marion Werle
Co-Directors Jewishgen Latvia and Estonia SIG

Renée K. Carl

The Names and Fates Database completely changed my understanding of my family history. I look forward to this very much!

Renee Carl
Washington, DC

Latvia names:

Marion Werle

The new website is called: Jews of Latvia: Names and Fates 1941-1945. It may be found at https://www.names.lu.lv/ .

There is information on how to use it on our website: https://latvia.jewishgen.org/holocaust/jews-of-latvia-names-and-fates-1941-1945, but we are looking forward to getting more information from Rita, as she has been heavily involved on the archival side of the project. 

Note that the database also includes Latvian Jews who survived, and I have found living relatives from two different branches of my family as a result of information on the website.

Marion Werle, Co-Director, JewishGen Latvia & Estonia SIG