Brzesko (Brigel) pre 1800. #poland

Menachem Schreiber

Hi, we are researching a ancestor who came from Brzesko.
He was called Avraham (his son was called Pollack, but that is presumably because he came from Poland to Hungary).  
Avraham was born between 1700 - 1750. 
Which resources are there for the place and years?
Thank you for any help.

His son was R' Chaim Pollack before c. 1775 - 1836. (In family lore he lived 107 years which would give him a birth date of 1729, and his father a possible 1690).
who came over to Senta, to marry a granddaughter of the Ohr hachochma.

Thank you.
Menachem Schreiber, Jerusalem.

Michael Sharp

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Michael Sharp
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Abuwasta Abuwasta

The records in Brzesko go back to the second half of the 19th century. If you are "lucky" with a a death record it might bring few decades earlier but no beyond that.

Jacob Rosen

Deborah Long

Make sure you check out the Yizkor book for Brzesko.  It is being translated and is 50% complete.

Donations would be great if you are interested in helping us get the translation done more quickly.
Debbie Long
Triangle JGS (Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh/ NC)
Always looking for GALAS and DOBRZYNSKI of Lodz, Poland; 
WEISZ and MUNK of Ujpest, Hungary;
TREIBER and KRAEMER of Dobromyl, Poland/Ukraine