How many Stolpersteine in Breslau/Wroclaw ? #holocaust


I want to find a list of existing Stolpersteine in the wider Breslau area and how to contcact the lead relative?  

In January 2022,. my extended family was ready to commission a local person to help us complete the application form to gain permission from the Town authority to commemorate our family members who were murdered in the Holocaust.  We want to commemorate my paternal grandparents , Adolf and Frieda STEIN, who lived above their men's outfitters shop in a small town west of Breslau called then Kanth, now Katy Wroclawskie. The person who as going to help us was recommended by someone who had had a successful application.  The Silesian towns are ambivalent  at best, to Sttolpersteine, so a well researched application is essential.  
We wrote and wrote at the beginning of February, but no answer.  This young man had probably gone to  neighbouring Ukrainian, to help in some way..
(I am in touch with a like minded academic in Breslau who went to rescue zoo animals and their keeepers. in the Ukraine 

If we cannot make contact with our original contact, we will need to look for someone else.  Any suggestions welcome.
Margaret LEVIN nee STEIN
Finchley, N London,  UK