DP CAMP VIENNA SEPTEMBER 1949 #austria-czech

Caty Zyzek

My parents flew Hungaria in september 1949. Illegally. It seems with the help of the "Bricha" Organization.
They were taken to Rothschild Hospital upon arrival.
Is there a way to discover who helped them? And the details about their flight? 
As well as their stay in Vienna.
Thanks for any help possible
Caty Zyzek

tzipporah batami

My mom and her remaining family also went this way. Contact YIVO library and their sister organization CJE archivists and ask for photos of the DP camps they have. The USHMM has alot of data.as well as the archivist at JDC because the JDC did vocational training at the DP camps. Let us know please what you find.  Feigie Teichman

tzipporah batami

Are you sure they flew? It was possible to enter Czechoslovakia from Hungary where Hungarian and Slovakian Jews were collecting first is Kosice and then to Bratislava on the way to Rothschild. From there there is a log about where everyone was sent, depending on health and on where they planned to emigrate and where there was room. Feigie Teichman

Mike Coleman

I think one should read "flew" as meaning "fled".


Mike Coleman   London U.K.

Caty Zyzek

In 1948 it was still possible to leave Hungary legally, but not in 1949.
My parents left illegally. I know they smuggled out.
I don't know the day they left.
They first took a train from Cegléd to Miskolc, and there they were put on a truck.
This truck was already in the scheme.
The driver knew he was taking them to the border between Hungary and Czechoslovakia.
In some places, he had to stop to ask if the road was clear or not. They went with this truck or bus to a cornfield.
This is where they went down into the cornfield to go to an attic and wait to be picked up.
They were helped there by "Zionists" according to Mom's testimony, but her memories were hazy.
We have a document of my parents issued on September 14, 1949 in Bratislava, another September 21 in Prague.
They returned to Bratislava.
They entered Austria on September 23,

Untersuchungen station Rothschild September 27 Währinger Gürtel 97–99, Wien.

They where also at Arzbergengasse No. 2 Stadteil Hernals.

What I would like to find is who helped them from Hungary to Czechoslovakia, and from there to Wien.
and also with whom they were in Vienna, and if possible to find testimonies on the flight and on the stay in the refugee camp in Vienna.
Thank you for all the help.
Caty Zyzek