Commemorating the Jews of Tuchyn: A Holocaust history exhibit – by Saskia Lascarez Casanova #holocaust #ukraine


For those who might be interested from the field of Public History. Main story at the link below. 

"Roots of Resistance: The Tuchyn Story is a hybrid exhibition about a Jewish uprising in the Tuchyn Ghetto against Nazi occupiers in Tuchyn, Ukraine, during World War II. When nearby refugees arrived in Tuchyn, they warned Jews of the dangers coming towards the town. By arming themselves, the Jewish people of the town executed a plan to resist by setting their homes and synagogue on fire and escaping into the nearby forest. Out of 2,600 who escaped from the Tuchyn Ghetto, only 69 survived.


The exhibition originated from the personal family history of Dr. Anne E. Parsons, director of public history at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Parsons discovered that some relatives had migrated to the United States from Tuchyn after World War II. Setting out to unearth her family’s larger history, she created a project for the 2022 MA in History/Museum Studies cohort." 

Theresa Koenigsknecht, MA in Public History and Family Historian


Very interesting.  A thoughtful, well done presentation I think will engage people in different ways.
Leah Heilpern Snider
Silverdale, Washington/ USA