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Jody Tzucker

The Suwalki District Research Group of LitvakSIG has added three files
of births, marriages and deaths for Wizajny, Suwalki. These files are
available immediately to contributors to the Suwalki DRG in
spreadsheet form, and will be added to the freely-searchable All
Lithuania Database in about 18 months. The years of births and deaths
are 1808-1880, and marriages from 1809-1880.
#Suwalki #Wizajny

Jody Tzucker, Suwalki Coordinator
Carmel IN

Evelyn and Christopher Wilcock

I did not know there was a Suwalki group
I believe that our family ancestor, Isaac son of Abraham Moses, was born in Dalny Las in the Governate of Suwalki, possibly 22 March 1867.
He took the English name Sanderson which may or may not resemble his original family name.
Our problem is that he always said he came from Poland, i.e. a Polish speaking area of Russia.

According to a UK census entry 1921 , his second wife Annie Goldberg was also born in Dalny Las, born 8 11 1884.
Evelyn Wilcock

Jill Whitehead

Information on Suwalki BMD is available on both Litvak SIG and JRI Poland. This info covers both Polish and Lithuanian Suwalki. 

In 1867 Suwalki was part of Poland in its entirety, and the Southern half of it still is today, including Dalny Las.

The Northern part of Suwalki went into Lithuania in 1919 as a result of WW1 Versailles agreement.

JRI Poland had a zoom presentation on boundary changes a couple of days ago on Sunday  (but for JRI Poland members only).

I also had family in Dalny Las (Serwianski) and I also had family called Sanders who married into the Serwianskis in Liverpool and  Middlesbrough, UK (as opposed to Sanderson).

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK

evelyne Primack

Thank you.
My grand-grand -grand mother Sarah Marcus (Markus) was born in Suwalki 1824.
Parents Abraham and Mina Gorfunkel
Husband Nison Marcus died in Suwalki, some time his husband is  called: Max Mordohai Marcus, mistake o two husbands?
Before she comes alone, with 5 children to Paris.1865.1868.

She died in Paris 10/01:1899 at home rue des rosiers. I now our family history start in Paris, but nothing  about family story in Suwalki.
Have you some suggestions?
Thank you for your help.
During long time, I look for a group about Suwalki.
Happy New Year! for you and your Family.
Evelyne Primack-Molko from Paris