translation of death certificate from German to English #translation

Rodney Eisfelder

These document translations are best done using Jewishgen's Viewmate facility.
The death was reported by a representative of the Jewish Community hospital, and the place of death  is given as Gagernstrasse 36.
A quick search for Jewish Hospitals in Frankfurt finds:
which identifies this address as the "Hospital of the Jewish Frankfurt am Main Community".
If there is a cause of death, it is likely to be written at the bottom of the page which is not in the supplied image.
German death certificates after 1920 are lacking in useful information. Her parents are not named, her husband is not named. Her date of birth is not given, only her age (76) and place of birth (Herford in Westfalen), and that she was a widow.

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Rodney Eisfelder
Melbourne, Australia


I would very much appreciate a translation of the attached death certificate 441 of my great grandmother Johanna Hirsch (geb. Junkermann)  I am particularly interested in the circumstances of death or cause of death if that issue is discussed.

Thank you very much

Ronald Friedman
Menlo Park, California