EINHORN, SPECHT, BRATSPITZ, FALGER, Husów (near Łańcut), Poland #poland

Yale Reisner


Dear JewishGenners,


The September 19, 2022 edition of the Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita carried a legal notice indicating that the Regional Court in Łańcut, First Civil Division, is currently processing a claim by several people (named Fajgier, Skomra and Gajda) to acquire legal title to parcels of land which are currently in their de facto possession.  


The land in question is designated as dz. nr 2013/2 and dz. nr 2641 in the village of Husów.


Before the claim can be adjudicated, the Court must make inquiries into who the owners of record (de jure) are.  The Court has established that the owners of record are still the pre-war owners.  For that reason, the Court is seeking the heirs to the following individuals:


For property LWH 614 gm. kat. Husów:



Bronisława (née FALGER) FALGEROWA; and



For property KW RZ1A/00002874/5:


Jakub EINHORN, son of Samuel & Róża.


The Court asks that anyone with knowledge of the heirs to those named above contact the Court directly within three months of publication of the notice, otherwise the property will be granted to the applicants.  Those contacting the Court in this matter should make reference to Docket No. I Ns 281/22.


Best wishes,


Yale J. Reisner

Warsaw, Poland

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