Where was she really born: Warsaw or Lodz? #poland

Marilyn Robinson

My grandmother, Gittel (aka Gus/Gussie/Gertrude) MICHALOWICZ** (aka LEVINE/LEVIN & SCHULTZ) had told me that she was born [7 Jan 1891] in Warsaw, but travel records indicate that  her last residence, in 1891 was Lodz (traveled July-Aug. 1l8l91), traveling from Hamburg to NY on ship, Furst Bismarck (Russians to America Passenger Data File).
She was 6 months old when the family traveled.
Does this possibly mean that the family had left Warsaw & moved to Lodz just prior to emigrating? Family history for this branch of family had them living in Lodz & Tomaszow Mazwiecki for some relatives. (My grandmother's grandfather was a MICHALOWICZ).
I haven't found her birth record--perhaps it doesn' exist??

**family name became LEVINE in the US. The name LEURIE was mentioned in some records. The name MICHALOWICZ was the family's patronym, sometimes used in earlier family records of the 19th C.

Marilyn Robinson

Odeda Zlotnick

On Wed, Sep 21, 2022 at 04:49 AM, Marilyn Robinson wrote:
She was 6 months old when the family traveled.  [...] I haven't found her birth record--perhaps it doesn' exist??
Maybe they hadn't registered her birth?

Odeda Zlotnick
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Orit Lavi

Hello Marilyn,

JRI-Poland online database shows 2 births of Gittla MICHALOWICZ in 1891 (Act #376, as well as act # 730 for Sura Gitla). Did you check these two records?

While I don't know where your grandmother was actually born, I would speculate that she wanted you to believe it was in Warsaw - a more prestigious city comparing to Lodz. As a wild generalization I would say that Polish Jewish women tried to "improve" their biographies, and place of birth was a key factor.
[A friend of mine was told by her grandmother that LEWKOWICZ was a noble family name. She was rather disappointed to her that it was one of the most common family names in Poland]. 

Good Luck, Shana Tova!

Orit Lavi
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