Translation and Hungarian Labor Service information request #hungary #holocaust #translation

Jake Jacobs

I received a document from the Hungarian Archives regarding my great-uncle's disappearance in the Hungarian Labor Service. It is posted in Viewmate at  I would appreciate a translation of the populated fields (other than names). Also, if anyone knows the source material for such documents, how and by whom they were created, I would appreciate your input. Thanks so much!

Diane Jacobs
Austin, Texas


Could you please let us know which part of the archives produced this?

When I tried to get information from the military records in Budapest they claimed that all records of Hungarian Labour Service had been destroyed during the war.

My guess as to the meaning of k m sz would be 'koteleset munk szolga'lat' - compulsory work service - but it could also be a rank because labour service appears as mu sz after the regiment number 106/3.

Tom Beer
Melbourne, Australia