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Dorann Cafaro

I have a recent DNA connection to the surname Isaacs born in the Netherlands emigrating to US, however the research hints in are showing the same forenames and birthdates but a surname of Glasslijper. Any idea if this is a Dutch form of Isaacs? Thank you for your thoughts.
Dorann Jacobs Cafaro

Researching Grauer, Marcus, May, Dray, Cohn

george weiss

Glassslijper would be a profession as it translates to someone who polishes Glass... Never heard of Isaacs as a form of Glasslijper
George Weiss


About the name adoptions in The Netherlands (most of them around 1811-1812):

Loes Buisman, Amsterdam


I would have suggested that for ease's sake, not every English speaker can pronounce Glasslijper, he named himself after his father, presumably called Isaac. However among the 99 entries of the name Glasslijper on Wiewaswie (the tremendous site of Dutch civic records), I can't find any Isaac Glasslijper.
Nachum Aronson

R Jaffer

When the Dutch left Amsterdam after name adoption and went to the US or GB, they dropped their adopted surname and went back to a patronymic in their new county. So, your immigrant had a father or grandfather, depending on his age at emigration, whose given name was Isaac. It is easier to find the correct name adoption record if you know the whole family unit that left and their ages/DOBs. 

For example, there was a man Jacob ben Ezekiel who was born in Pozan in 1750 and died in Amsterdam in 1816. He adopted the surname Posnanki. His son who emigrated was Ezekiel ben Jacob Posnanki before emigration or Ezekiel Posnanki, but in the US he became Ezekiel Jacob Ezekiel. All the cousins who remained in Amsterdam are Posnankis.

The name adoption record for this family is translated as:

Jacob Ezekiel adopted the last name Posnanski on 6 Jan 1812 in Amsterdam; then living at Zwanenburgerstr. 54, with 6 sons and 5 daughters:

sons: Ezechiel, 26 yrs, Tobias, 24 yrs, Abraham, 23 yrs, Joseph, 19 yrs, Asser, 17 yrs. and Isaac, 14 yrs.old; daughters: Sellie, 28 yrs, Sara, 24 yrs, Marianne, 23 yrs, Betje, 18 yrs. and Rachel, 16 yrs.old.

I hope this example helps.

Roberta Jaffer