Genetic Genealogy: Upcoming JewishGen Genealogy Course on Analyzing your DNA Results-Making Matches #dna #announcements

L Fagan

Course Dates: October 23 – November 15 [corrected dates]
Topic: Genetic Genealogy: Analyzing your DNA Results-Making Matches
Instructor: Larry Fagan
Tuition: $150
This discussion class will walk you through the steps to analyze the
test results that you have received. We will concentrate on the basic
autosomal test that shows relative matches going back 4-5 generations.
We will also discuss the Y chromosome and mitochondrial testing that
examines the paternal and maternal lines, respectively. The
"Introduction to Genetic Genealogy (DNA Analysis)" class is helpful
but not required for this course. Course outline is below.

Course is taught via Zoom on Sundays and Wednesdays or Thursdays
(adjusted to participant schedule).   Homework each week, with time to
discuss your particular genetic search efforts

More information and signup at:

Course outline:

1.  Review of the basics of Genetic Genealogy
Define and explain core concepts, review testing strategy

2. Overview: Analyzing your results—concentrating on autosomal testing
on the following sites: Ancestry, 23andMe, FTDNA, MyHeritage,
GEDMatch. Reviewing and sorting match lists, DNAPainter, Triangulation
methods, Leeds Method for clustering matches, Endogamy (why you have
2000+ close relatives!)

3. How to contact prospective relatives with genetic genealogy results

4. Other testing modalities:
Paternal line testing with Y chromosome tools available and what they show
Maternal line testing with mtDNA--tools available and what they show

5. Summary of Genetic Genealogy Tools and Techniques and Next Steps;
Final Project Presentation

Larry Fagan