Khotin uezd Revision lists, new from 1835 #bessarabia #ukraine #records

Yefim Kogan

Hello Bessaraber researchers,

G'mar Hatima Tova!  Have a meaningful and easy fast.

I have completed 2nd reading for Khotin and uezd Revision list from 1835, and I want to give you an update. 
It is a very interesting set and need a bit of explanation.
- records from four towns:  Khotin - 210; Brichany - 40; Lipkany - 20; Novoseltisa - 24. At that year Revisions only include a Head of Household, unfortunately there are no records for other family members.
- For about half of Head of Household it lists where person was born, if he(mostly men) is native to these towns, or came from other place in Bessarabia or other gubernias, or other countries
- 5 people are from Austria, 5-from Moldova Principality, 1 from Podolia gubernia, 1 from Kishinev, 2 from Soroki, 2 from Beltsy.  The rest were native of these towns or came from other places from Khotin uezd. 
- there is one piece of information I never saw in other Revisions:  Does it have a settled household? Has / Does not have

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This information will be available at JG in December, 2022.

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Yefim Kogan
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