URBACH, Łódź, Poland #poland

Yale Reisner


Dear JewishGenners:


A leading figure in Polish politics, journalism and culture has passed away.  Jerzy URBAN, editor-in-chief of the politically scandalous, sharply satirical, extremely profane, adamantly anti-clerical and, at times, obscene newspaper ”Nie” [‘No”], has died at age 89.


Jerzy Urban was born Jerzy URBACH in Łódź on August 3, 1933 to socialist journalist Jan URBACH and Maria (née BRODACZ).  During World War II, the family fled to then-Polish Lwów [Lviv] where they were issued papers as ”URBAN” in error, but they chose to keep that name as it was not Jewish-sounding.   Later in the war, they had to flee to various other cities and towns.  Jerzy himself attended no less than seventeen high schools.  He later attended, but dropped out of, Warsaw University’s Journalism Faculty.  From 1951 and until his death, Urban had a long career as a journalist,, often being banned from publication due to his extremely outspoken writings. 


During the years 1981-1989, he was spokesperson for the Polish Communist government.


In 1990, he founded his often-scandalous newspaper ‘’Nie.”


He had three consecutive wives, one daughter  and two grandsons.  He was a declared atheist.


I provide this information should anyone be interested in the URBACHs of Łódź.


A happy, healthy and peaceful year to all in 5783,


Yale J. Reisner

Warsaw, Poland

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