Viewmate, photo information sought, probably US, 1860-1885 #photographs

Ava (Sherlock) Cohn

Unfortunately, the link originally posted was incorrect. I have answered Diane's question at the other link. Her tintype is from the 1880s. The paper sleeve and other clues make it possible to date the image. Of course, Diane's family's vital records are needed to confirm the exact year, but it is not impossible to get as close as possible to the date given the clues available. Please see the other link for a fuller description. 

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Your photo is a tin type which was first introduced as a format in 1850's in the USA and continued as a relatively cheap form of photo well into the 20th Century.  Usually, the style of clothing will date a photo.  But, unfortunately, with a baby in a long frock which was common for both sexes of babies and the frock styling hardly changed for most of the 19th century it is extremely difficult to date this photo with any accuracy. 

Lesley Edwards
Cheshire, England


Further to my earlier answer.  I have found a similar pink cardboard mount for a woman with an identifiable outfit of the early 1870's.  Mounts changed in style over time so this may help date the photo by association and the pink is likely to be for a female child. 

Lesley Edwards,
Cheshire, England 

Joyaa Antares

Here's the correct link - which looks the same as Diane's, but isn't...
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Jake Jacobs

I found a photo among my grandmother's things and am trying to figure out how old it is, when/where it might have been taken. it is printed on a very stiff metal, in a fragile pink paper sleeve.  ViewMate Image Gallery page

Thank you!

Diane Jacobs
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