NJ Railroad terminal used for processing immigrants in 1947 + engagement #usa


I recall my aunt telling me that when they came to America in 1947 she, my mom, and grandparents bypassed Ellis Island and were processed in a train terminal across the Hudson River in NJ. 
I just got engaged and would really like to do a photoshoot in the same terminal they were processed in when they arrived in the USA as a surprise for my mom. 
What is the best way to find the records so I can be more certain?
I think I've narrowed it down to Hoboken NJ Transit terminal or the Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal in Jersey City, but I want to be sure.
They arrived in March1947 from Czechoslovakia on the Gripsholm. Their last name was spelled Guttmann on their Czech passports. 

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I visited Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty this summer and there are the remains of a railroad terminal on the New Jersey side.  They have it as a historical landmark.  Here is a link. https://nj.gov/dep/parksandforests/parks/liberty_state_park/liberty_crrnj.html.

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Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

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Congratulations on your engagement!

I suggest contacting a research librarian in The New Jersey Room of The Jersey City Public Library, and pose your question to them.  Their email is: NJRoom@...
Their website: https://www.jclibrary.org/locations-a-hours/main-library/new-jersey-room

They may be able to tell you exactly where the Gripsholm docked.  The ship was in The Swedish American Line.

I know your family arrived in 1947, but the Gripsholm did dock in Jersey City in 1944.
"Shots of passengers from the SS Gripsholm, which arrived in Jersey City, New Jersey on March 14 or 15, 1944"

This page has a photo of the ship "
The Swedish diplomatic exchange liner Gripsholm completes another completes another wartime voyage of mercy as it steams up New York Harbor before docking in Jersey City, N.J., March 15, 1944, with 663 repatriates from Europe. (AP Photo/Ed Ford)"

This doesn't prove that the ship docked in Jersey City in March 1947, but it seems likely.

This page has a history of the ship, and the service it did during WW11.

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